About Cian O’Connor

Why did I get into the fitness industry?

Growing up I always had a constant battle with my weight. I had years of personal training, I tried every diet you could think of and paid thousands of euro for training plans and nutrition plans. Trust me I have been through the lot when it comes to losing weight. Along the way I was told I couldn’t eat carbs, I should do this diet, I should do that diet. And you know what……….. it was all bulls**t

I decided I would get into the fitness industry at the age of 20. I was fed up of paying thousands of euro for personal training only to be getting false information from places so they could make financial gain. Supplements were pushed on me I was told I couldn’t drink or have takeaways if I wanted to get in shape. ( I was brain washed). I decided enough was enough and I went back to college studying fitness and nutrition.

What Is My Aim?

My aim is to cut out all the crap that is in the fitness industry at the moment. I will give you the formula for long lasting success. I don’t want you to waste your time and money and get false information like I did. I aim to teach you the fundamentals of weight loss over 12 weeks and to give you the tools to be able to take control of your own training and nutrition.